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Offtrade System (WCoins, Jewels)

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Offtrade is an in-game market system that allows you sell items for WCoins or Jewels after you close your client, so even if you turn off your PC your character will still be online selling your stuff.
The only way of selling an item as for WCoins and not Zen is through the /offtrade command.

Be warned that if your item has been sold for zen then this means you haven't used the command properly or the buyer bought the item before your character went into offtrade mode, therefore we suggest to have the /offtrade command already typed in the chat window so you can execute it right after opening your personal store and make sure no buyer is near you while doing this.

Store Rules:
- You can only place your personal stores in Lorencia
- You are not allowed to leave your stores in the same coordinates or have 2 or more characters close to each other
- Leave a fair distance between your stores (minimum 5 spaces) and place them randomly into the unoccupied lorencia safe zones
- Do not place your stores close to another player to form a regular shape if there are unoccupied free areas around
- Do not place your stores near the two vaults that are available in lorencia
- You are not allowed to block ways, entrances or NPC's
- Do not leave stores with the same names, e.g. Store01, Store02, Store03, etc. Add a descriptive title to your store so you can sell your items better
- Bad examples of using stores: and Use unoccupied free areas instead, like this one

You are allowed to use multiple accounts to sell your items through the offtrade system.

How does it work?

1. Offtrade works only in Lorencia so move there and open your personal store


2. Put your item in personal store

3. Left click on your item which is in the personal store


4. Add the item price

5. Type your store name

6. Press OPEN


7. Type /offtrade in chat window


Important: for safety reasons ensure that your zen is maxed out (2 billions) and keep in mind you only start to sell for WCoins after your character is disconnected from the game, otherwise you will sell the item for Zen. If your items don't get sold at all then it's most likely because your items are overpriced or you're trying to sell them only for WCoins so find a balance between currencies and sell them for Jewels instead.

Your client will be automatically disconnected after executing the offtrade command.

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