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  1. Even you sell seed in shop, it only mean we can save more bless/soul for upgrade others items, still need very lot of chaos and creation
  2. Can you sell Seed or Seed Sphere with max mana option in Ruud shop as sub material for upgrade seed sphere level ? We still need create seed by ourselves to get seed with good option. Or maybe remove Ruud from big bosses reward, change ruud reward = seed sphere lv2-3 depends of boss. -After ~2 weeks, players will have nothing to do with ruud , now i have ~ 1kk ruud. Buy seed sphere upgrade rune ???, hard to get seed sphere lv1, not to mention seed sphere lv5 like old version. Old version: To create Seed Sphere lv5 need(if success rate =100%): -seed x1 -Tetra sphere x1 , Penta sphere x1 -Jewel of chaos x11, jewel of creation x11 -Tetra Crystal(Greater) x1 -NO NEED RUUD This version: To create Seed Sphere lv5 need(if success rate =100%) -seed x16 (it mean need jewel of bless or soul x16 times) -Sphere can buy in shop -Jewel of chaos x31, jewel of creation x31, jewel of hamorry x16 -50>100k ruud for seed sphere upgrade rune.
  3. Call others players is HACK again and again without any reason ? You can think we use hack or somethings to kill golden mobs and you can report to admins/ GMs , but if you call us is hack on /post many times , you dont respect us first and we do not need to respect you.