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ARGUS x50 Server Information

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MONSTERMU.NET is a guaranteed long-term muonline project developed by our experienced team.

ARGUS x50, our medium experience realm is expected to launch Friday, 8 September at 14:00 server time. Running on a full Season XII emulator with many new features and unique settings specific to our servers we strive for continous improvements and expect it to be a real success.


Normal Experience: 50x
Master Experience: 5x

Reset from lvl 400, Stats Burn!
Stats for each reset: 500
Grand Reset Available From 30 Resets
Grand Reset Bonus Stats: 5000
Grand Reset bonus stats are accumulative and permanent.
Max Resets: 30
Max Grand Resets: 10
Total Stats: 65,000 (Build Based)

Soul Success Rate: 90% (with luck)
Soul Success Rate: 70% (without luck)
Life Success Rate: 70%

Seals and Pets have been modified and balanced!
No Items Shop, Real Play2Win!
Max Excellent Options: 2
Max Socket Options: 3
Max Socket Two-Handed Weapons: 5
Socket + Excellent: Disabled
Ancient + Excellent: Disabled
Items 380 + Excellent: Enabled
Monster Spots (4-6) in all maps
Reliable Anti-Cheat System
Reconnect System, Off-Trade, Auto Party
New Features, Maps, Events, Bosses and Items
Lord of Ferea, Nixie, Mini Bomb Game and much more

Items level and class requirements have been removed and can be worn straight from level 1 and by a 2nd class character.
All seals and pets experience bonuses have been reduced and the maximum value is now between 5- 20% experience bonus!

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