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  1. Hahahaha , again and again when it was that it was just once and what it is something wrong if we all the rest of player are susspicious about 2-3 players ? What is the problem ? i don`t call anybody idiot or something i just say maybe some players use hacks to kill the bosses if they are not so strong ....
  2. This Toki think he is the owner of the game !! I`m not idiot .
  3. Sorry for the language i was on my phone and i post it but i don`t know why dont translate it in eng ! Delete this post , and u can close the topic thanks !
  4. I notice that there are fewer online players from day to day, the server is at the beginning of the road, I suggest that on the weekend be bigger xp for new players coming on the server !!
  5. Sorry for the double post the edit option dosent work , now i see it works delete the posts sry again
  6. Un om destept poate invata de la unul prost pe cand invers este mai greu !!

  7. NewOrdeR este deschis și mă aștept să întâlnesc câțiva jucători buni ! Contactați-ma aici sau pe Aladdin in joc ! Succes tuturor .
  8. I'm Aladdin and i'm glad to be here !! Good luck to everyone .
  9. Hello there , i have a suggestion for this server i see a big diference on top players is a little to much exp for the vip donors , they get full gear exp ring panda vip many things its enouf to get just 1 or 2 things for exp , the server has no farmec if is not compete to castle siege or top , for the new players its very hard to have a chance with donors !! And another thing if u can extend the top list from 10 to 50 ... The server looks good i apreciate your work so this are my suggestion !! Thanks and regards !!